This site was created as a place to publish information about Zero Trust and Software Supply Chain Defense.

About Frederick


Frederick Kautz is a leader with a long history in the Open Source Community, connecting people and organizations to solve fundamental data sharing problems that strengthen security and healthcare patient privacy. He currently leads multiple cross-organizational teams to deliver on this vision. He is also a strong advocate for empowering patients’ ownership of their health data and democratizing healthcare research. Frederick has pioneered Federated Learning and privacy-preserving technologies, which enable multiple organizations and patients to collaborate without exposing sensitive data to each other. Frederick is also leading an effort to bring Zero-Trust infrastructure to the HealthCare industry through collaboration with multiple leading computing companies.

Frederick has extensive Cloud-Native experience collaborating on security, networking, and storage domains and serves as a Co-Chair for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon. He is a member of the SPIFFE Steering Committee, focusing on providing Zero Trust Workload Identity to compute workloads and resources. Frederick co-authored the Cloud Native Security White Paper published by the CNCF. He also co-authored Solving the Bottom Turtle. Frederick co-created GitBOM and maintains the reference golang implementation. He is a co-founder and maintainer of Network Service Mesh. In NSM, Frederick collaborates with a large and diverse set of companies and individuals toward a common goal of modernizing network infrastructure. His prior work defined the Cloud-Native Network Function, which significantly influences multiple significant collaborations, including CNCF, LFN, IEEE, and the GSMA. Previously, he also fathered Red Hat Container Storage.

  • Co-Chair KubeCon + CloudNativeCon NA 2022, EU 2023, NA 2023
  • Co-Author of CNCF Cloud Native Security White Paper
  • SPIFFE Steering Committee Member
  • GitBOM Co-Creator and maintainer
  • NSM Co-Creator and Committer
  • Co-Author of Solving the Bottom Turtle
  • X-Factor CNF Methodology author & Organizer (CNF Best Practices)
  • CNCF TUG and CNF WG Contributor
  • Former LFPH Technical Advisory Committee Member
  • Track Co-Chair of KubeCon NA 2020 Networking Track
  • Program Committee of Networking Track for KubeCon EU and NA 2020
  • Program Committee Member of Open Networking Summit 2019 NA & EU
  • Program Advisory Group Members of Edge Computing World 2019