This site was created as a place to publish information about Zero Trust and Software Supply Chain Defense.

About Frederick


Frederick Kautz is an exceptional leader with an extensive background in the Open Source Community. With over a decade of experience in Cloud-Native environments, Frederick’s expertise lies in security, networking, and storage domains. He has co-authored several publications, including the Cloud Native Security White Paper and Solving the Bottom Turtle. As a Co-Chair for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon and a member of the SPIFFE Steering Committee, Frederick is at the forefront of the industry, providing Zero Trust Workload Identity to compute workloads and resources.

Frederick has co-created multiple innovative projects, most recently OmniBOR and its Golang and Rust reference implementations. Frederick is also a co-founder and maintainer of Network Service Mesh. His work in Network Service Mesh has helped to modernize network infrastructure and collaborate with a large and diverse group of companies and individuals. Frederick’s prior work defined the Cloud-Native Network Function, which significantly influences multiple significant collaborations, including CNCF, LFN, IEEE, and the GSMA.

Additionally, Frederick is a strong advocate for empowering patients' ownership of their health data and democratizing healthcare research. He has pioneered Federated Learning and privacy-preserving technologies, which enable multiple organizations and patients to collaborate without exposing sensitive data to each other.

Frederick co-chairs the CTA ANSI/CTA-2114: Mitigating Cybersecurity Threats in ML-Based Systems Committee. He leads multiple cross-organizational teams to develop industry standards for security and privacy in Machine Learning.

A summarized set of significant contributions include:

  • Co-Chair KubeCon + CloudNativeCon NA 2022, EU 2023, NA 2023
  • Co-Author of CNCF Cloud Native Security White Paper
  • SPIFFE Steering Committee Member
  • OmniBOR Co-Creator and maintainer
  • NSM Co-Creator and Committer
  • Co-Author of Solving the Bottom Turtle
  • X-Factor CNF Methodology author
  • Significant contributions to CNF Best Practices
  • CNCF TUG and CNF WG Contributor
  • Former LFPH Technical Advisory Committee Member
  • Track Co-Chair of KubeCon NA 2020 Networking Track
  • Program Committee of Networking Track for KubeCon EU and NA 2020
  • Program Committee Member of Open Networking Summit 2019 NA & EU
  • Program Advisory Group Members of Edge Computing World 2019